Lars Grael

“Physiotherapy has played a fundamental role in all my life
as an athlete and it is such a great proud to be the Patron
of Hands of the World - Humanitarian Physiotherapy”

Lars Grael has started to sail when he was still a child influenced by the family of his mather, but his first important titles were only reached when he became his brother (Torben) Bowman in the Snipe class: 2 Brazilian Championships and the first World Championship. In the Tornado Class Lars really stood out as a Yachtsman, winning nothing less than 2 bronze medals, 5 South American Championships, 10 Brazilian Championships and several other important titles as the traditional Kiel Week in Germany. Lars has also represented Brazil in 2 more Olympics: Los Angeles 1984 (7th) and Barcelona 1992 (8th).


Apart from being a Yachtsman, Lars has always made a difference in the political side of sport, having occupied positions of leadership in some entities and classes in which he has sailed. After an accident in 1998 in the city of Vitória (state of Espírito Santo, Brazil), he was invited by the President of Brazil, Mr. Fernando Henrique Cardoso to integrate the board of INDESP - Institute of Development for Sports, a local authority linked to the then Ministry of Sport and Tourism. Due to his always steady, correct and passionate posture in defense of the National Sport, Lars ascended to several positions reaching out to the National Sports Secretary in the Fernando H. Cardoso government. At the end of this government, he was invited by the Governor of Sao Paulo, Mr. Geraldo Alckmin to lead the State Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation, where he stood until March 2006.


Currently, Lars dedicates his life as a Yachtsman to the Star Class, where he won several important titles including five continental titles (four south americans championships), the traditional Bacardi Cup in USA and the Ocean Class. In addition, he lectures all over Brazil, where he talks about overcoming; turn it up; team spirit; innovation; accident prevention; sports politics and shares for people with disabilities in companies.


Today he is considered one of the most highly rated speakers on the market with over 500 lectures given.