Know our project actions in international or national missions:

Hands of the World is recognized as Municipal Entity of Public Interest in Mafra - SC.

In the night of October 13th 2015, Hands of the World - Humanitarian Physiotherapy was recognized as a Municipal Entity of Public Interest. The vote of the aldermen of the city of Mafra / SC was unanimous in favor of the adoption of the law. A great achievement reached on the date in which we celebrate the day of the physiotherapist in Brazil. Now the goal is to get the state and then the federal recognition.




The photo shows Dr. Alonso, President of the Hands of the World, making use of the word in the City Council during the presentation of our NGO.

The "Goodness chain".

Thanks to the physiotherapeutic and volunteer work done by our contributors, each one in their own community, we are managing to improve the quality of life of many people. We hope that at after new day more professionals join our cause and so this chain may have increasingly strengthened links with a "helping-the-other" feeling.

Our organization has reached great awareness and soon we will start planning our first international humanitarian aid mission in the area of physiotherapy.

When a day starts we

have a new chance to make

it better.

If you wake up and feel disappointed by remembrance of tough moments, stand up and fight! Because while you stand there complaining, so many people are fighting for their lives!


Dr. Alonso finishing an attendance on behalf of  Hands of the World project.

Dr. Camila at her center, applying the Kinesiotape, as support to Equotherapy with outstanding results!


"We will see the day in when the pain of our fellows will be felt as if it was ours and, when that day comes, the world will be a much better place and we will really be able to call ourselves HUMAN BEING."

Dr. Amyly, Hands of the World's volunteer,

performing physical therapy reviews

in a needy community at the state of Pará.


"When we reach out to those in need,

it might seem an isolated gesture,

but you can be sure that we are contributing to everyone's

well being, to a greater purpose!"

With the intent to spread our ideals and
making our exposure wider, Hands of the World - Humanitarian Physiotherapy, had an exhibition space in Latin American Congress on Physiotherapy and Kinesiology - CLAFK 2014.


In the picture you see, o Dr. Sandroval Torres, President of Crefito 10.

Hands of the World is grateful for your support
Dr. Sandroval.

Miranda e Siqueira, world soccer stars wearing our institution's T-Shirt along with others Atletico de Madrid's players,

demonstrating his support to our cause.


We thank you once again for this tribute.


"The greatness of a Human Being is not built from his words, but from his actions".

Dr. Gustavo, Hands of the World's member,

in one of his attendances.


"Our future depends on what we do today... let us do the good right now and certainly tomorrow will be much better!!!"

The Futsal sport category also supports the Hands of the World project, aiming to bring physiotherapy to the needy ones.


The coach Peri Fuentes ans the player Willian "Peru"

from A.D. HERING, Blumenau - SC that competed the Futsal League, are supporting our cause.


We at Hands of the World -

Humanitarian Physiotherapy,

appreciate it!

Wandir, weightlifing athlete: an example of victory and overcoming.


"We all have our obstacles
in the way, but what
we will do with them is what defines our future, be it for our own evolution

 or for our fall!"

Miranda, defender of the Brazilian national football team and Atletico Madrid, a sports star on and off the soccer fields is supporting our cause!


Here seen among, Saúl, also a Atletico de Madrid's player.


Thank you Miranda, above all, a model for human beings.

Dr. Fabiana, teacher at UNISUL University along with
her scholar peers participating of the extension program for serving needy children.


"Teaching is not about transferring knowledge,

but creating possibilities for your own production
or progress."


Paulo Freire

"The true reward for a physiotherapist

is not the money but the moment when you see the gratitude in the eyes of your pelo trabalho realizado."


Dr. Talita in her clinic,

volunteer for Hands of the World,

has been receiving her rewards every day!

Dr. Felipe,one of our members, in a moment of relaxation between an assistance and another in his volunteering in the state of Sao Paulo.


"When we make something good, we leave an ever lasting mark on someone's life!"

The partnership between humans and horses is comes from old days and recently has become closer with a Equine Therapy. Dr. Camila, who is an expert and a reference in this area, collaborates with Hands of the World this marvelous technique.

Dr. Fabiana, part of Hands of The World's team,

in one of her humanitarian assistances

in the city of Tubarão - SC.


"In accident...and a life changes completely! Physiotherapy as an allied to rehabilitate and more importantly keeping human dignity! "

Dr. Alonso, president of hands of the World,

in one of his volunteer works.


"The humanitarian actions benefits

not only to those who receive it,
but also those who practice it!"

A really civilized society is the one that never turns its back to the past. The elderly should always be treated as a priority, because we once depended on them and tomorrow we will also be there! Hands of the World contributes to the dignity of the old aged.

Hands of the World coming into the media.

Physiotherapy is rewarding for a number of reasons,

including the friendships we build through the time:


I'm so glad to see these athletes, champions of the world,

that once I was lucky to work with.


Fabiana Dara, Dani Piedade, Alexandra (Alê) e Célia


So many stories, tears, sweat and more important: laughs!

A hand for the needy ones:
Hands of the World - Humanitarian Physiotherapy begins its journey.

On March 20th of 2014 the first assembly took place for the Hands of the World - Humanitarian Physiotherapy Board of Directors constitution. This organization aims to build a huge net of physiotherapists filled with altruism and solidarity, that with volunteer work will take their knowledge to the underprivileged ones, working solely in their surroundings or taking part in collective actions nationally or internationally.


Worldwide pioneer with respect to the humanitarian physiotherapy care, Hands of the World intends to expand widely to improve the quality of life of so many people that, for so many different reasons, cannot afford a treatment.


 "It started with a dream which turned into a project and now is a reality. It took so many years of planning to make this happen. I'm quite sure that if each one of us could give a little bit, no matter how, we could have a much more human world and this will be our goal." - said the physiotherapist Dr. Alonso Romero Fuentes Filho, President and founder of Hands of the World Organization.